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Topics: Regulatory Focus Theory, Persuasion, Jerry Seinfeld Pages: 6 (2248 words) Published: April 23, 2013
In the 2012 Acura NSX Super Bowl Commercial - featuring Jerry Seinfeld, the main objective is to persuade the audience, which is anyone who wants the best new thing around, to buy the new Acura NSX. The commercial is about 3 minutes long and it is just Jerry Seinfeld trying to persuade a ordinary man with money, aliens, ziplines, and speed boats to give him the new Acura NSX and at the end when Jerry was about to get the car Jay Leno flies in with a jetpack and persuades the man to give him the car and he ends up flying away with the man and the car keys. The commercial uses the three source characteristics: source credibility, source attractiveness, and source power, along with positive message characteristics like humor, a strong narrative, and attention- getting features like salience to cultivate the views of the audience so that they will buy the new Acura NSX.

The 2012 Acura NSX Super Bowl Commercial - featuring Jerry Seinfeld uses three source characteristics: source credibility, source attractiveness, and source power to cultivate the views of the audience about the car. The commercial was aired during the Superbowl of 2012 and with the prestigious Acura brand; the credibility of the commercial is present as millions of Superbowl viewers watch the commercial. Having big names such as the Superbowl and Acura backing the commercial; it is seen as credible. Source attractiveness is achieved by using Jerry Seinfeld and having him go through unparalleled extents by offering an alien to the owner of the NSX and then offering him access to a fictional network of Manhattan zip lines all to trade for the car. This appeals to the audience because it shows how

valuable the car is and Jerry Seinfeld reinforces this by offering valuable things like a speedboat or the alien just for the car. Not only that but at the end of the commercial Jay leno flies in with a jetpack to make even more offers and he ends up getting the car. This shows the audience that the car is in high demand, making them want to buy the car even more. Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno are both key factors in source power, by using two celebrities to fight over the NSX, the car is seen as highly valued and demanded when two guys that have power and money have to plead and persuade (they are basically on their knees begging) for a car. As you can tell by using source characteristics the commercial will prime and cultivate the thoughts of the audience and prompt them to buy the NSX, especially the type of people who wants to keep up with everybody by buying the best of things and showing it off.

Message characteristics are present through out the commercial. In this commercial the characteristics are positive so the idea of the NSX is presented in the best possible way so that the audience will buy the car. At no point in the commercial is there a negative connotation related to the NSX. The car is always seen as a highly valued item, hence all the efforts that Jerry Seinfeld goes through to bargain for the NSX. By using Jerry to as a mediator to propose trade that could be equal or greater in value to the car, the commercial is in some sense comparing the car to other things to show its worth. For example Jerry offers an alien and a speed boat but both are denied showing that the car is better than that, but when a zip line system through Manhattan city is offered the trade was set. The main goal of this is

to persuade the audience to buy the car by showing them that the only thing that could match the car is an impossible imaginary idea of a zip line system or a flying jetpack squirrel suit. The car is seen as better than all these things and the only way you could even acquire these things is through your dreams. The commercial relates this back by basically telling the audience that the NSX is the car of their dreams. Another factor that cultivates the viewers to buy the car is attention- getting features like salience that influences...
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