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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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1 What do you think is the most important emerging issue in the design of work? The most important emerging issue in the design of work is hiring competent and motivated workers. In order to have a successful company, it is essential to have these types of employees working for the company. Although financial incentives are an extrinsic motivator, it will keep the employee motivated to do their job adequately. It seems like the employees at Coca Cola Company are intrinsic motivated people when it comes to working for this company.

2 Discuss the most likely organizational design for Coco-Cola Company.

The most likely organizational design for Coca Cola Company, in my opinion, would be the job characteristics theory. The job characteristics theory describes the relationship between job characteristics and individual responses to work. The Coca-Cola Company views itself as a company whose responsibility to its employees is to enable them to tap into their full potential; working at their innovative best and representing the diversity of the world the company serves. The company goal is to satisfy the customers and hire competent and enthused workers. Managers at the company most likely have frequent meetings with their employees regarding any suggestions for new innovative ideas and ways to make their jobs more challenging. According the Coca-Cola mission statement their goal is to refresh the world, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness, and to create value and make a difference.


Job design involves putting together various elements to form a job, bearing in mind individual...

Coca-Cola prides itself with their ability to empower their employees to achieve there full potential. In an effort to drive employees to improve performance, Coca-Cola strives to slot key players into key positions. The most capable people have the most positive impact of the company’s business results (Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, 2004)....
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