Closing of Sales Demonstration

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Closing of the sales demonstration

When you are working towards a partnership there are of course many things which are important during conversations between either parties or sales presentations. A good presentation requires six important steps which need to be fulfilled. There needs to be an approach, a presentation, a demonstration, a negotiation and a closing. Afterwards your need to deliver good after sale service to your costumer to keep them satisfied so they return to your company whenever they need to. However, during such a sales presentation, the closing part is of greater importance then some people would think. The closing part gives the seller an extra opportunity to convince the buyer, to summarize the product’s benefits etc.

There are several specific methods for closing a sale, but none of them can be the best. It all depends on your clients, your product, the client’s kind of interest in your product etc. Therefore the closing of a sales presentation cannot be predicted and is it smart to preplan several closing methods and adapt those which seem to fit in the situation and those who are appropriate to your costumer or a combination of methods. When this is done well, the sale will be closed and you’ve started a hopefully long-term relation with your client. The abovementioned closing methods are:

Trial Close:
Using the trial closing method means that the seller asks questions during the presentation to discover if the prospect is willing to buy or not. It’s mostly used when the seller is reasonably sure that the buyer has almost made a decision. The benefit of this method is that it can be used multiple times throughout the presentation. “E.g.: We can arrange a first shipment in May. Would this date be satisfactory?”

Direct Appeal Close:
This closing method can be used once the prospect has showed clear interest in the product or service. The advantage of a direct appeal close is the clarity and simplicity. It’s simply...
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