Clean Technology

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Abstract - Green technology or Environmental technology or Clean technology is the application of one or more of environmental Sciences, Green chemistry, environmental monitoring and electronic devices to monitor, model and conserve the natural environment and resources, and to curb the negative impacts of human involvement. Green technology is a field of new, innovative ways to make changes in daily life. Currently, this Clean Technology is in the beginning stages of its development, so the future will only bring bigger and better things for this field. A Green Environment for Now and the Future .In the past, the major need of people in this world was arable land. Man did not have to think about animate things. However, now the adverse effects on forests through over-population and the development of various chemical elements in the atmosphere have led to irregular rainfall and global warming. This global warming has brought changes in climate, including making perennial snow mountains melt, thereby adversely affecting not only human beings but also other living species. This dangerous situation is being taken very seriously by the world. The new clean technology is to introduce for the green environment. The new technology deals with the global warming and pollution control. We are going to see about the new technologies.

New Technologies:
1. A liter Of light
2. Go green
A liter of light:
Electricity is a worldwide know source of made light. Electricity is a form of energy that is produced by the movement of electrons. Electricity is the one of the major causes for global warming .We make most of electricity by burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, oil ) which produces a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas .Some gases ("greenhouse gases") let sunlight in, which warms the Earth, and then block that heat from leaving. That's the "greenhouse effect", and it's a natural thing, mostly caused by water vapor .Man is making excessive amounts of greenhouse gases, mostly by burning fossil fuels. That causes the delicate natural balance to go out of whack and the Earth warms. That's global warming .It won't be a Hollywood style disaster. Gradually coastal areas will flood and agriculture will be damaged. But it will be very bad. Rich countries will cope, but it will take huge amounts of money. In poor countries many people will die of starvation, but not all of them. Most scientists say, in 20-50 years. But we need to start right now to fix it, fixing it will take even longer than that. Another way of receiving electricity would be solar electricity.

Bright Idea:
“Light Bulbs From Plastic Bottles, Water and Bleach “
Only recently, in the last two decades, have many people taken advantage of the sun's light and energy to build or install solar products. Solar products are more beneficial to the earth and can save you money in the long run. Solar products include a variety of options like solar panels, photovoltaic systems, solar water heaters, etc. Solar bottle bulbs are starting to become a popular installation. We wanted to do a project on solar and compare the difference between solar and regular electricity. In this project, we are going to be testing a regular light bulb and a solar bottle bulb that we will be creating. We are going compare and see whether a regular light bulb or a solar bottle bulb is brighter, at the different times of day. We will be finding the average brightness of the solar bottle bulb and compare the results to the regular light bulb. We wanted compare the two because solar energy can be very useful and can save people a lot of...
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