Energy Workers Make a World of Difference

Topics: Electricity generation, Electricity, Electrical engineering Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Energy workers are a part of the huge network of people that make our country as great as it is today. Even Jeff Landry himself a member of congress said “the most valuable resource in the gulf of Mexico is not the oil and gas under the waters; it is the men and women willing to risk their lives to extract America’s energy . Almost every single person in the world depends on these great people. They make possible the spectacular wonders of things like; communication, long distance travel, commuting large amounts of freight, and numerous other advances that most of us couldn’t live without. They are without a doubt the most important part of highly electricity reliant society we live in today

The first use of electricity by the human race was recorded back to 600 BC when Thales of Miletus wrote about the charging of amber on rubbing it, that is what we know as static electricity. But the most important contribution to electricity was from Nikola Tesla, a mechanical and electrical engineer and inventor he developed commercial electricity. Think of the countless luxuries that are afforded to us by energy workers that we take for granted. Imagine if they were all gone we would all be forced to resort to old methods of getting things done, and stop doing some things all together. Almost all Americans use electricity, and if we did not have it we would be anywhere close to where we are today. Not just America either, economies around the world are completely reliant on electricity. Every day people use electricity. We use it to power our phone, and televisions. We use electricity to get ourselves to where we need to be, but people don’t just use electricity to power the vain things in life. Some people can’t even see or hear without it. To some having electricity is the difference between life and death. Without electricity we wouldn’t have nearly as many medical advances as we do today all the people that rely on electric devices at hospitals would probably be...
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