Classroom of the Future

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Classroom of the Future

The classroom for future students in a normal school system could look drastically different in the next millennium. Electronic classrooms offer instructors a variety of multimedia presentation tools such as interactive white boards, laptops computers for each student, plasma screens for a computer projector, and computer generated simulations and animations. The following paper describes the ideal technically advanced classroom.

As education advances into an age of technology, the traditional classroom is becoming obsolete. No longer does an instructor stand in front of the class conducting lessons on a blackboard, as that role is changing with the progression of technology. The instructor’s roll in the classroom of the future is to offer guidance, grading, and encourage the student to create solutions. These new and upcoming classrooms are an important educational tool for the teacher as well, with each and every student experience; a new situation is created for the teacher to build upon. Interaction

Classrooms of the future “will continue to allow students to gain the education they deserve as well as allow them to gain the knowledge and skills working within a team environment” (Springfels). This environment will aid in developing important social skills and the ability to interact with others. Additionally, hands-on experience is an important asset in regards to interaction. It gives the students the necessary skills in order to learn how to utilize problem solving skills in a practical sense. This interaction is imperative in the area of creating employment opportunities after graduation. Employers seek individuals who have experience in problem solving skills and who have the ability to work as a team with other colleagues in their place of business. Technology Classroom

The following figures are based on the construction of a high-tech classroom and learning environment designed by Team Nickel. The design is based on an eighth grade level, general education classroom and exists in an upscale area where upper educational management is amendable to a high-tech design. The learning environment when effectively used will be implemented in all classrooms within the school in the next 12 months. Faculty and students will have access to media from the Web and from conventional video sources. The room will be setup for wireless access by students and faculty. This ideal classroom “will have the ability to add technology as needed for instruction” (Steelcase, 2008). The tables or desks will be moveable and configurable for collaboration or individual work. Technology Table

Equipment| Number of Systems/Total Cost| Specifications| Research| Pros| Cons| HARDWARE|
Hitachi Plasma Screen| 1$12595.00| 84” widescreen monitor,interact-tive overlay, 30,000hr lifespan, 2000 hr lamp life.| | High definition resolution at 1024x852 pixels. Wide assortment of connections makes it a flexible addition to a home theater system. Built-in speakers and tuner.

Natural colors, especially with DVD sources.| May require some color adjustment our of the box to reduce red levels. "Wide" viewing mode creates too much picture distortion.|
Boxlight Phoenix XS-35 Multimedia Projector| 1$2000.00| 280 watt OSRAM VIP, 2000 3000 Eco 16.7 Million True Color Video 4:3 Compatible 16: (2100:1) Single Chip DLP Range Horizontal-15-90 kHz Range Vertical-50-85 kHz DVI-D / HDCP VGA-in / Component S-Video Composite Video RCA audio (R/L) Audio (Mini jack) Audio (Mini jack) VGA (Out) ,RS232 USB 12V Trigger 1 x 3w Mono Speaker 35dB (standard) / 33dB (eco) (WxDxH) 12" x 9.6" x 3.4" Inches 7.3 LBS Lens Manual zoom/. (+/- 15º) Vertical Remote & on projector 110-240 Voltage 330W (standard) 290W (eco) 480i/p / 720p / 1080i NTSC / NTSC 4.43 / PAL B/G/H/I/M/N 60 / SECAM Yes 3.2'-32' (Eco) 3500 ANSI Lumens.| | Two available lamp modes assure...
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