The Ideal Classroom

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  • Published : September 5, 2010
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The Ideal Classroom
Today the mood and the technology as well as the costs in our classrooms have changed. Many of our schools in the U.S. plan the technology into budgets and are requiring teachers to learn how to use it. In my 5th grade classroom I would like to have the latest that technology has to offer. It used to be that technology was a luxury in a classroom, but now it is becoming more and more of a necessity these days. Being that 5th graders are about to reach middle school, I would like to educate my students so that they are prepared to do the best research and presentations using the latest technology.

My ideal classroom would have either a high-definition plasma display or a rear projection system. The rear projection solution gives us whatever size screen we need while the plasma screen is limited in size. I particularly like the plasma setup because as the teacher walks in front of the images he isn't blinded by the lamp from the ceiling projector hung in the center of the room. In my ideal system, the front image has touch screen capability so I can control all computer functions (mouse, left/right click) with the touch of my hand. I'd like to annotate on the image as well, and be able to save it and send it to all my students, who are equipped with wireless laptops, through a wireless access point within our classroom. In this classroom, the teacher has the option of presenting from her computer or from any of the students' laptops. Wireless internet would do away with all the wiring that would distract and take away from the eye pleasing setting of the classroom.

Some of the software I would like to have in my classroom would be for the use of publishing, photo or video uploading and sharing, blogging and podcasting which would all help my students learn to prepare presentations. For publishing there is Microsoft Publisher which is included in the Microsoft Office Suite. Photo and video uploading and sharing could be done using Power...
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