Modern Classrooms

Topics: Education, Teacher, Interactive whiteboard Pages: 4 (1118 words) Published: November 22, 2011
The Experience of Studying in Modern Classrooms

Modern, clean, well-lit rooms; internet networks; wireless sound-systems; capable workstations; microphones; bulletin boards; flexible design layouts; efficient student desk layout; acoustic ambiance including air conditioners, noise-proof rooms and multiple lighting options; white boards; video projectors; etc. Wondering where all this is leading to? Yes, these are the forefronts of modern teaching classrooms- the factors that can contribute to or distract from student motivation and learning. Modern classrooms are the new wave that has hit the education system. They are basically more technology friendly with more interaction. The teaching methods are less formal giving importance to a ‘give and take’ relationship between the students and the teachers. Rohini Kumar, a first year Media student believes that, “

With the advent of interactive whiteboards, there is no need for teachers to write on the board while talking to the class. The ability to display presentations, text, images, audio- visuals, etc on the digitized board while teaching facilitates convenient communication and interactive sessions.” The world education system has become rigid and universal in the past century which does not always suit all kinds of students. Teachers are considered the ultimate holders of knowledge and the students the apprentice with no knowledge whatsoever. Student scholars are being boxed into the mold of conformity required by big classes, competition for grades, tests with multiple choice questions. They have immense pressure to perform, to get good grades, but no one is listening to the nuance of their minds. Students are discouraged to develop their own opinions leading the student- teacher relationship to fall apart causing resistance from both sides of the classroom, but times are changing. Modern classrooms allow both the parties to reference content and raise questions while discussing relevant topics. The...
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