Comprehenesive Classroom Technology Plan

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

Section One: Mission and Vision Statement
My Mission is to help students become a contributing and productive member of society by the use of intellectual, academic, and cultural experience through instruction. I will infuse technology in the classroom, have students become technology literate, and will motivate them to learn. My vision is that all my students will have access to state-of-the-art technology that will allow them to be proficient in reading, writing, and mathematics, prepare them for the next level of education, and be successful at attaining the skills that are required of today's work force.

Our students are growing up in a society that is technology based. It is our responsibility as teachers to make sure that our students are getting the best education they can get by infusing traditional learning with technology and making learning interesting. It is important that as teachers we are making sure that our students are prepared for their future, by making them proficient in reading, writing, and mathematics. If schools provided state-of-the-art technology for each classroom this could make things a lot easier to achieve. The more students learn about technology in the earlier grades, the better prepared they will be for a higher level of education as well as life in general.

In 21st Century Learning we can teach our students different skills to help them be proficient in reading, writing, and mathematics. Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication and Collaboration make up the 4C’s (Partnership for 21st). It is important that we involve the 4C’s in our lesson plans every day. The 4C’s can help students a great deal by giving them the skills they will need to be successful. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking are two of the most important skills that students will need in their education. If they can master these to skills, then they should be able to learn how to read, write, and do well in mathematics.

Schools need to help their students by providing them was the best technology available. Most schools have already invested in SMART Boards. SMART Boards are interactive whiteboards that can be used in the classroom (Bell 2002). Teachers can teach a whole class on the board and allow students to interact on the board. This is not only a great way to teach a class, but it also makes learning fun and interesting. One of the best features of the SMART Board is that it hooks up to the computer, so this allows teachers to go on the internet at any time and show the class information as a group. With this piece of technology in the classroom, students will be able to learn as a group and not just individuals. They can make presentations on the SMART Board and show them to the class, in addition to many other uses that can be beneficial for the teachers and student that were never even an option only a few short years ago.

It is important that we teach our students about technology at an early age. I believe that schools should start teaching students in Pre-K. Schools can start simple by teaching students the basics of computers- like how to work a mouse, how to use programs like Word, and how to get on the internet. In my classroom I make sure that by the time my students leave Pre-K they are able to get on the internet by themselves and know how to use a mouse. There have been studies that have proven that early use of technology in the classroom has improved students’ phonics awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension (Technology and Teaching). The earlier the age of a student learning technology, the less struggles they will have in higher education and will be able to do more in their future careers.

Technology is something that is ever-changing. We need to keep up with the latest technology and teach this to our students. Our educational system is now more technology based than...
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