Computers in the Classroom

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  • Published : April 12, 2012
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Young 1

English 101-A18
April 16, 2012
SWA #1
These days, computers are used for learning purposes. Right from elementary classrooms, kids are being trained not only in using computers but also using them in their day to day academic work. Education aims for the all-round development of individuals. Computer based instructional programs can help students develop subject matter and reinforce classroom skills. Are schools replacing the classroom instructional process such as reading, writing, and homework assignments with various multimedia and hypermedia programs? David Gelernter in his article “Unplugged: The Myth of Computers in the Classroom” thinks that improper or uncontrolled use of computers may lead to decline of literacy and lack of basic skills. Computers have the ability and potential to accomplish great things, and Gelernter agrees that “Computers should be in the schools.” (278). With the right software, computers have the power to attain a rewarding learning experience. Multimedia technologies could make science easier and more enjoyable or teach topics like art and music. They could be inspirational in learning when the student can actually see geographical maps and multimedia presentations. However, most of today's software available does not seem to help in the cognitive development of students. Despite the fact that “An estimated $2 billion has been spent on more than 2 million computers for America’s classrooms, we constantly hear from Washington that schools are in trouble” (278). It is true that the role of computers in higher education, professional education, or research is inevitable. But many of the children's software programs forget the basics of imparting

Young 2
literacy: reading, writing, basic math, and arithmetic skills. Gelernter supports this in his statement “In practice, however, computers make our worst educational nightmares come true” (279). Gelernter brings solutions to...
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