Classifying Video Gamers

Topics: Gamer, Video game culture, Play Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Well, it's that time of year again. The holidays are (finally) over and a new year is a head of all gamers. 2013 will be a great year for video games. Especially with the releases such as Crysis 3, ArmA3 and Gears of War: Judgment so early in the year. Serious gamers across the world know that a new year means newer and better games across all genre. However, just because there are new games out does not mean all will play them. There are several types of gamers out there that play in specific ways. These are the Brand Specific Gamer, Multi-Platform Gamer, Franchise Specific Gamer, Casual Competitive Gamer and the Hardcore Competitive Gamer.

The Brand Specific Gamer (BSG) is the most popular type of gamer. This is due to the fact that is carries many other types of gamers underneath it. The BSG is the type of gamer who is loyal to the platforms created by their favorite brand. Examples of these would be Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Apple and SEGA. (NeoSeeker) The BSG is very strict when it comes to how they game. The Microsoft gamers are loyal to the Xbox Franchise while the Sony gamers are loyal to the PlayStation Franchise. The BSG is the type of person that will argue their opinion on which platform is better at any given chance. Although they may have their opinion, they will never admit that other opinions are just as valid as their own. Arguing opinions on platforms or companies with this type of gamer is something to be avoided at all costs.

When it comes to the Multi-Platform Gamer (MPG), they are a bit more laid back on their opinions. The most common cases of someone being a MPG is to just have fun. These types of gamers are more casual and laid back. Although they will most likely have their opinion on which platform is better, they will play any as long as they can have fun. Normally, if someone is a MPG, it is due to wanting to play a game that is specific to a certain platform. With as many gamers that self-identify as a BSG, they are not aware...
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