Gamers: Video Game Genres and Person Shooter

Topics: Video game genres, First-person shooter, Game Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: November 15, 2007

What exactly is a Gamer? What does a gamer do? What does a gamer play? The stereotypical gamer is an overweight ogre looking person that smells, badly and stays at home all day and plays video games. But in actuality, a gamer is much more than that. There is a gamer in all of us. Anyone who has ooh and awed about a video game has that passion to play. Of course, there are those who take the playing to a whole other level. .Those are the true gamers. There are thousands of different variety of video games these days Role playing games, real time strategy, sports, puzzle, first person shooter, and 3rd person shooter, just to name a few. These games can be played competitively or just for recreation. There are some games where people actually get paid to play. Hence, a Professional Gamer. There are the role models for thousands of d\kids that would want to do this . But these Pro Gamers deserved it. Just like any athlete they trained the fingers and mind to play their game to perfection. They are very competitive of what they do. This is the reality of gamers. Those people make millions of dollars playing video games. They are practically celebrities in the Gaming world. They are not over weight, ugly people who do nothing all day. They are actually clean and inspired to play with a passion and have a goal to achieve. These are the Real Gamers, hardcore to the to the bone. So yo see now that know that not all gaming is a joke. It is actually becoming a lifestyle in a generation of computer and technology gaming is the pinnacle of our age. The Professional side of gaming is the setting stone to break the stereo typing image of a overweigh slob of a gamer that everybody visualizes.
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