Video Games: Hurting or Helping Our Youth

Topics: Video game, Video game console, Video game industry Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Video game consoles have made their way into the households and hearts of millions of people all around the world. New games of all different genres are continually being produced and bought by consumers from every inch of the globe, only becoming more popular as time goes on. Throughout the past couple of years technology as a whole has been on a drastic up rise. With continuous breakthroughs in the technological field the video game industry has been able to flourish into its current state. Companies now days are able to produce more and more realistic like gaming experiences. These life-like graphics and visual effects put the gamer right in the action, bringing joy to many while enraging numerous others. The way in which one views and understands the game’s contents is the way in which one perceives the video game. More often than not parents, who do not play video games, tend to focus on the negative aspects of the game, namely violence. The parents who are buying the video games for their children see only the cruelty and disgusting features making up only part of the whole. Most avid gamers would agree with the above statement, arguing the blood and gore is just a small part of the many aspects of some video games that complement the other components such as graphic quality and plot. The way in which one perceives an individual video game more often than not depends on whether or not the person is a gamer. The way in which some people perceive video games angers me because it seems as though they are over looking the big picture and viewing the game with a pessimistic point of view. By doing this, those people are doing themselves and the creators of games an injustice.

On the one side of the issue, the more conservative side if you will; there are parents, ones who do not play video games. More times than not, these are the people who argue against the video game industry, viewing the gaming companies in a negative manor. Almost every...
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