Video Games Affect the Brain

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Video Games Affect the Brain—for Better and Worse
We hear conflicting reports about how video games affect our brains. One study will suggest that video games help us learn; another might imply that they make young people more aggressive. Douglas A. Gentile argues that how games influence our brains is not an either-or proposition; games can have both positive and negative consequences, and which of these researchers find depends on what they are testing. Gentile proposes that researchers focus their investigations on five attributes of video game design to tease out these disparate effects. Video gamers, parents, politicians and the press often lionize or attack video games, which opens the door to spin that obfuscates our understanding of how these games affect people. For example, the European Parliament has been debating whether to limit children’s access to video games. In a press statement about the report that resulted from its deliberations, the parliament concluded that games could have “harmful effects on the minds of children.” Reporting on this statement, however, the headline in the Guardianread, “Video games are good for children.” Psychologists and neuroscientists conducting well-designed studies are beginning to shed light on the actual effects of video games. These studies show a clear trend: Games have many consequences in the brain, and most are not obvious—they happen at a level that overt behaviors do not immediately reflect. Because the effects are subtle, many people think video games are simply benign entertainment. Research projects of variable strength have substantiated claims of both beneficial and harmful effects. Too often the discussion ends there in a “good” versus “evil” battle, reminiscent of the plots of the violent video games themselves.(  Douglas A. Gentile, July 23, 2009)(

Edutainment: Positive Aspects of Video Gaming
The new generation of children has been named the game generation. This game generation is accustomed to a high speed, parallel processing, active, fantasy world. Games have changed the learners’ cognitive skills so that the game generation can process a lot of information at the same time. Video games are an excellent learning tool because the computer can adjust its difficulty according to the player’s preference or need. Video games also teach deductive reasoning, memory strategies, and eye-hand coordination. Working together with software companies, parents, and educators, video games can facilitate children learning the required content for their level as well as make learning fun and applicable to the game generation children. As a result, educators must be willing to learn how to use educational games as a part of constructivist learning in education.( Russell A. Sabella)(

Educational Games - The Benefits of Using Online Games in the Learning Process

It is not a secret that online computer games, apart from bringing fun and effectively consuming your time, can also be used for educational purposes. Over the past decades, they have become very popular with teachers, parents and, of course, kids. In fact, they have even acquired quite a stable position in the educational system, they have even penetrated into the K-12 classroom, and now help students learn digital technologies and computer while mastering their skills and knowledge of academic subjects (such as maths, languages, painting, physics, the basics of management and economics,etc.)

So, what are the benefits of using online games in the learning process? Playing computer games is an activity that provides the kids with an opportunity to develop their skills while have fun. Moreover, games can be used by teachers and parents for the evaluation of the kids' skills and knowledge. Of course they can hardly be called a proper and outstanding assessment...
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