Classification of Graphic Design Companies

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  • Published : June 3, 2012
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Classification of Graphic Design Companies
There are many different types of graphic design companies, all in which use different aspects of the creative spectrum. These companies work hard to maintain a products value and fame. There are three basic types of graphic design companies: Digital, Multimedia, and Signage Graphic design companies.

Digital graphic design companies work to produce interactive projects and web pages to deliver a message for advertising or marketing purposes. A digital graphic design company plans the outline, structure and visualization of a design, such as web pages or animations, with the use of creative software, such as Adobe Creative Suite. Designers working for these companies have skills and equipment ranging from digital photography to video graphics, in order to meet client or personal artistic needs. Another designer that would work for this type of company would be an exhibit graphic designer, which create images for all posters, movie posters, art show advertisement, and even posters for singers and bands. This designer is similar to that of digital graphic designers, but the only difference is they do large scale images. Some responsibilities would be to design, coordinate and oversee design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of exhibit graphics, two-dimensional and three-dimensional labels and graphics for exhibits, programs and presentations Multimedia Graphic design companies integrate audio, animation, graphics and video into presentation for CDs, DVDs, television programs and websites. Multimedia presentations are often created to educate or entertain. These are usually advertising agencies, television stations, Web development companies and other media companies that develop multimedia presentations. Their work takes shape in a dynamic atmosphere, often as part of a team including account managers, art directors, copywriters and media researchers. Mulitmedia design companies create all of those eye...
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