Introduction and Outline to Graphic Designers

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Graphic Designer

Introduction: Graphic Designers, or graphic artists, are artists whose creations vividly express ideas, convey ideas, and captures audience’s attention a product. They design a wide range of material including displays, advertisements, games, computer graphics, and books. Graphic designers came alongside the growth of newspapers, magazines, and catalogs. The growth of computer technology has revolutionized the way graphic designers work. In today’s time, even if one cannot draw a simple stick figure, it is possible to become a successful graphic designer. Much of the work done by these artists is used by computers. A person who loves art, computers, or love to express their feelings and emotions through different mediums would be interested in becoming a graphic artist. A person may choose this career to expand their ideas beyond paper, bringing their creativity to life. Thesis: To attain a career as a Graphic Designer, one should examine the vital components of this career. I. Education and training is vital to this career.

A. Education is substantial to advancement in this career. 1. One must obtain a high school diploma.
B. Succeeding in this career requires extensive training. 2. A bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field is required. 3. An associate’s degree or certificate in graphic design is usually adequate for positions as assistants to graphic designers. II. The salary for the career of a Graphic Designer relies on a variety of factors. C. One’s job title may influence salary.

4. A production manager makes $60,000 and a Web Designer makes $52,000. D. The region in which one lives determines salary.
5. Working in a city, odds are one will earn a greater salary than one living in a small town. 6. Location may also affect the clientele one will attract, which can affect one’s earnings. E. As one’s experience...
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