A Comparison of Two Careers

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Graphic Design Employee or Fabric Design Entrepreneur?
A Comparison and Recommendation of Two Careers

Table of Contents

Graphic Design Employee or Fabric Design Entrepreneur?2
A Comparison and Recommendation of Two Careers2
Purpose, Scope and Limitations …………………………………………………………………………2 Sources and Methods2
Report Organization2
Career Requirements2
Career overviews2
Graphic Design2
Fabric Design2
Direct Comparison2
Working conditions2
Telecommuting Options2
Flexible Schedule2
Ergonomic Workspace2
Educational requirements2
Corporate Office vs. Telecommuting2
Stability vs. Risk Level2
Recommendation / Conclusion2
Graphic Design Employee or Fabric Design Entrepreneur? A Comparison and Recommendation of Two Careers


You are looking for assistance to decide whether you should take the leap into entrepreneurship, or look for a corporate position. You appreciate the perks of a permanent corporate job: stable income, health care and retirement benefits, as well as the daily interaction with co-workers and clients. Although, you find dealing with the hierarchal culture exhausting, and these days the stability of a corporate job is not guaranteed, companies are consistently laying off even long-time employees and finally, the rigid schedule of a corporate job is tedious and not practical for many creative workers.

Purpose, Scope and Limitations

This report will compare the two careers that you are deciding between; Graphic Design with a corporate employer or Fabric Design Entrepreneur. I will use the information gained from our interview, and the other areas of comparison (salary, work conditions, flexibility, location, stability) to set forth the criteria by which to analyze each career’s potential to fit your specific needs. These criteria will provide the scope of the research and the report. I would like to point out the limitation in regards to the Fabric Design career choice, there was very little information about this specific career path available and on my first round of research I did not find a direct educational pathway to the career of fabric designer. I utilized some other methods of information gathering and researched some blogs and other social network sites to provide a turn in the right direction.

Sources and Methods

Besides our original interview, I communicated with several people in the graphic design industry, and corresponded via email with a few entrepreneurial fabric designers. Other sources of information were found online, using sites such as www.bls.gov/oco and www.salary.com, as well as these school information sites: www.mymajors.com and www.schoolsintheusa.com and several blogs, design schools and other graphic and fabric design websites were used to simply get an idea of what is involved in both graphic and fabric design. No specific information was used from these sites, but I have listed them at the end of the reference section. There was no listing in the Occupational Outlook Handbook for fabric designer, so I reviewed the information for “Artists and Related Workers”, as this seemed more relevant to the career plan you mentioned than the information for Industrial and Commercial Designers, which I would have used had I been researching a corporate position for this particular career.

Report Organization

The report begins with the requirements and criteria set forth by the client as well as the areas of comparison for the career choices. Following is a brief description/overview of each career, and then we move into the direct comparisons of each of the areas mentioned previously: salary, work conditions, flexibility, location and the stability vs. risk assessment. Finally, the report will conclude with my recommendation, along with my reasons...
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