Professional Liability

Topics: Pharmacy, Pharmacist, Medical prescription Pages: 4 (1589 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Professional Liability

There have been many changes in how healthcare is delivered today as opposed to how it was delivered decades ago when our parents were young. Many years ago there was a close relationship between a doctor, patient, and pharmacist. There was a considerable amount of trust given to the healthcare professional. They took the time and patience to make sure that their patient received the highest quality of care. Today, the healthcare industry is not as personable due to the rising number of lawsuits from patients claiming negligence. I would like to examine the field of pharmacy and explore how an individual in this profession might be held liable for negligence. I will also examine ways that they may proactively avoid or prevent that negligence. A pharmacist is the healthcare provider that has a duty to dispense prescription drugs to the patient. They provide information about those drugs and help patients understand the instructions their doctors or other health practitioners provided (McKay, 2010). The pharmacist also gives information to the patient about possible side effects of the drugs and warnings of interactions with other drugs. Most pharmacists work in a retail setting in stores such as CVS, Walgreens or Wal-Mart, while others work in a hospital setting. Pharmacists are responsible for the accuracy of every prescription that is filled, but in some cases rely upon pharmacy technicians to assist with the dispensing of medications with the pharmacists supervision. The expertise of a pharmacist is also used by pharmaceutical manufacturers in the research and development of new drugs and testing of possible side effects. Pharmacists can also work for insurance companies providing their knowledge to help develop benefit packages and cost analysis on specific drugs. As with any other profession, pharmacists can also work as full time professors at medical colleges and universities teaching and providing input...
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