Nursing Career Profile

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Purpose of Profession
Nurses work with patients of all ages such as baby, children, adult, and elderly. Each patient has it own kind of disease and disorder. As for nurses they face many types of patient some can be foreigner. The types of patient nurses face can depend of certain field of nurses such as Cardiovascular nurses who work with heart disease, Dermatology nurses who work with skin disorder ,and Gastroenterology who work with digestive and intestinal disorder. Gynecology nurses work with women with disorders, Neuroscience nurses who work with nervous system dysfunction, and Oncology nurses, who work with patient that have cancer. Perioperative nurses assist the surgeon during the surgery, Nephrology nurses who work with patients with diabetes or abuse, Radiology nurses who work with patients undergo diagnostic radiation procedures and Respiratory nurses work with breathing disorder. As I listed some of the different nurses above, of course there are much type of diseases and disorders and how nurse help these kinds of patients. Patients with heart disease, nurses have to provide care before and after the surgery, for cancer patients nurses have to assist them with follow up and motivate them, and wounded patients are caused from traumatic injury or diseases therefore nurse have to treat the wounded and try to eliminate any viruses. Nurses assist diabetes patients by educated them what is to eat and make sure the patients check their blood every other hours. For people who are in rehabs nurses have to support them and encourage them to give up what are unnecessary such as drugs, alcohol, and additions. Types of Specialties within the profession

In nursing field there many types of nurse which are CNA (certified nursing assistant) the first step to a nursing career; they work under supervision to assist patients with daily living. CNA earns around $27,418 in the U.S. annually and the CNA classes are open at Johnson County Community College for 5 credit hours. Each credit hour cost around $81 dollar at JCCC. Required a current TB test score and with English 121 with a grade of C or above. Next level of nursing are LPN (licensed practical nurses) they care for sick, injured, and also disabled patients under the supervision of doctor and RN. They earn about $39,030 annually and LPN programs are also available at JCCC. The deadlines for application are March 15 of every year and JCCC have two types of program one is Daytime 10-month which start around August. The other program is for student who needs longer time to learn or those who work full/part-time which are Evening/Weekend 24-month program. These programs are 550 hours labs and clinical experience. This program cost around $2,176 includes tuition and lab fees. JCCC requirement for these program are to completed CNA program and the program application (no application fee). Then, there are RN (registered nurses) provides direct care to the patients and supervises other nurses. RN analyzes result, record medical information, and educates patients about the illness. They earn about the average of $53,100. RN program are also available at JCCC. This program needed 12 or more college credit before the program, college GPA of 2.8 or higher, need to be interview, and receive application no later than the deadline January 15. It’s a 72 to 75 credit hours program, cost $81 per credit hour, and each applicant are ranked separately till the end of the waiting listing. The highest level of nursing would be NP (nurse practitioner) who are similar to doctor they are able to write prescription to patients and provide regular health care. To be nurse practitioner, need to complete the Registered Nurse program and approaching to a master degree. As a NP, they are able to explain right away why this happen to the patient; to be a NP had to be at least a master’s degree and nurses have the option to go for the doctoral degree in nursing practice. University of Kansas...
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