Cj 216 Uncle Bob Assignment

Topics: Police, Automobile, Federal Bureau of Investigation Pages: 7 (2545 words) Published: November 20, 2012
How the Police Access Data to Obtain Criminal Information
Tammy Mills
November 15, 2011
Carter Schoenberg

How the Police Access Data to Obtain Criminal Information
Law enforcement communicates between every state in the United States. Each state uses different programs which makes up different types of databases, and keeps track of just about everyone who has some sort of identification. A drivers license is the most common form of identification, and everyone in the United States is suppose to obtain a up-to-date drivers license to drive a vehicle legally. Tammy is going to the state of Florida with her Uncle Bob and her uncle is driving because she does not have a valid driver’s license. Tammy has only an identification card. Bob has a criminal record because he spent five years in San Quentin Penitentiary for auto theft and armed robbery with a firearm. The Trip

On August 5th 2006 Bob calls Tammy to see if she is available for a two-week trip to Miami Florida to see the sights. Bob lives in San Diego California and Tammy lives in Moxee Washington. Tammy will fly to San Diego on August 12th 2006 to meet with uncle Bob, and they will start the trip to Miami from San Diego. The trip is set to start August 13th 2006. Bob and Tammy hope to be back in San Diego California on or around the 27th of August. Today is the day of departure. Bob fills the silver blazer with gas at the local AM/PM convenient store. Bob also decides the blazer needs to be washed. Right next door to the convenient store there is a car wash. Tammy offers to wash the vehicle and notices the license plate number. The license plate number is 448 UZO. The road trip has officially started. Tammy and Bob have to travel through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Arizona is hot so the windows are down, and the radio is blaring with country music. Tammy and Bob are laughing and having a great time catching up on old memories. In Texas, during the night driving Tammy has questions about Bob’s five-year incarceration. Tammy does not want to bring up bad memories for Bob but she just wants to know what happened to explain why Bob disappeared. Bob explains that he did time for stealing a car and robbed a bank with a firearm to satisfy Tammy’s curiosity. After this conversation Bob pulled over at the next rest stop to obtain some sleep. Tammy awakens suddenly to the sound of a semi-truck passing by, she is a little shaken so she wakes up Bob, and they start on the road again. As time goes by Tammy and Bob become dazed by the trees and the scenery that they did not notice that they were running low on food and gas. Luckily they had just entered a small town in Louisiana where they can fill up and obtain some food. While Tammy is in the restroom, she overhears a conversation about a bank robbery and a stolen car and how they were never able to find who did it or where the car is. Tammy brushes if off and continues with her day on the road with Bob. More time flies by and Tammy mentions something about her back hurting from sleeping in the car so Bob offers for them to stay in a hotel for the night. When Bob awakens he notices that Tammy is gone and there is a note left by the door. “Bob I will be back, I have to obtain some female things from the drug store. Love you, Tammy.” Bob is ready to hit the road and waits for Tammy to return. Tammy returns with some food for the road. As they hit the road Bob seems a little cautious and Tammy notices that he is thinking about something, but she cannot put her finger on it. Tammy begins to wonder what happened to him in prison. What has him so uptight that he is on guard? Tammy eventually gives up and falls asleep. Bob wakes up Tammy as they are entering the county lines of Mississippi and Bob offers to get some breakfast and an opportunity to stretch from sitting in the car so long. As they pull up and get out of the car Tammy walks around the car and again notices...
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