Florida Criminal Justice Network (Cj Net)

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  • Published : January 15, 2007
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Florida Criminal Justice Network (CJ Net)

When the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) decided that their system of communication needed a revamping they upgraded the existing system to CJ Net. The CJ Net is a backbone communications network for Florida's criminal justice agencies. This network builds on the foundation of the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC) telecommunications network. Funding provided in recent years to re-engineer the FCIC network was used to convert then currently connected agencies (primarily law enforcement agencies such as Sheriff's Offices and Police Departments) from the point-to-point, digital network to a new frame relay transport service offered through the State's Division of Communications. This network provides greater bandwidth and capacity for future growth. (FDLE-CJ Net, 1998)

The re-engineered FCIC network has become today's CJ Net. It differs from the FCIC network in two fundamental ways. First, agencies connected through the CJ net operate in a peer-to-peer relationship. Every agency "sees" every other agency on the network and has the capability to access information that agencies wish to share with each other. There is no "master" or host computer controlling communications between agencies. Each agency determines the types of information they wish to share. Second, a broader range of criminal justice agencies is being brought into the network. The CJ Net project is focused on connecting Clerks of the Court and state and local courts throughout the State. Other criminal justice agencies will be added as funding allows. (FDLE-CJ Net, 1998)

(Florida Criminal Justice Network (CJ Net), n.d.)
CJ Net is capable of providing a method for participating Criminal Justice Agencies to establish inter-connectivity for data sharing. Using this inter-connectivity, agencies will be able to access information stored in various counties and judicial circuits. Because the CJ Net uses Intranet standards, the...
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