Why I Chose Austria: Vienna and Salzburg

Topics: Vienna, Maria von Trapp, The Sound of Music Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Why I Chose Austria
Vienna and Salzburg

The place I have picked for the family to go to is Austria. I have chosen an exciting driving holiday instead of a flying one since Mrs. Schmidt has informed me that, although they would like a wonderful holiday, she is terrified of flying. After doing some research with the family, I have been able to put together just that – a wonderful holiday! Following an interview with the family members I have learned that Albert really enjoys historical events as well as hiking and doing outdoor activities. Elsa, on the other hand, really seemed interested in having shopping opportunities and going out to eat. She also mentioned that she loves outdoor activities and classical music. Ivan was very quick to say that he wanted an opportunity to go hiking or boating and that he really enjoyed animals. Heidi also loved nature walks and shopping, but said she really enjoyed old buildings and architecture and wanted an opportunity to see some of those things. She also really said she enjoyed learning about famous people. The holiday that I have chosen for this family provides an opportunity for all of the members to enjoy some of the things they have mentioned to me. First, they will be going to Salzburg for six days. Then, the family will drive to Vienna and spend the rest of their vacation there. I have chosen the following events for them to visit:

Salzburg City Tour- On the Traces of Mozart: This event focuses on Mozart and his past and will hopefully be especially enjoyed by Albert and Heidi. Since it also involves a famous classical figure, it should spark some interest for Elsa as well. Original Sound of Music Private Tour: I chose this event for all of the family members. It has history relating to the second world war as well as the history of the von Trapp family for Albert, music for Elsa, architecture for Heidi and for Ivan, seeing the different gardens and landscapes around the von Trapp family home. Mozart...
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