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The three main types of tourism
Domestic tourism
Domestic tourists are people who take holidays in their own country. For example Mr and Mrs McBride from Blackburn are going to take a weekend break to Blackpool for two nights to celebrate their anniversary. Inbound/incoming tourism

Inbound tourists are people who come from other countries to the UK. For example Mr Smith and his two kids came from Florida to visit their Grandma in Blackburn for two weeks. Outbound tourism
Outbound tourists are people who are from the UK who go to other countries. For example Mr and Mrs Jones took their three kids for a family holiday to Disney land Paris for one week. Accommodation

The accommodation industry is an important component of UK travel and tourism. It includes all types of accommodation that people use for leisure or business tourism and visiting friends and relatives, such as hotels, self-catering, guest houses, chalets, villas and cottages. The accommodation industry in the UK is dominated by, commercial enterprises providing a wide range of hotels, guest houses and self-catering accommodation. The main non-commercial suppliers of accommodation are: youth hostels because they’re not there to make money. Serviced accommodation

Serviced accommodation means when the service is provided along with an overnight stay, housekeeping and meals. Hotels are most common type for example bed and breakfasts, holiday inns and youth hostels. He British hospitality association estimates that there are approximately 22,000 hotels and guest houses registered with the UK tourist boards with an additional 16,000 bed and breakfast establishments. If unregistered premises are included the total rises to above 50,000 establishments. Hotels are either independently for example Whitehall country club, or part of a hotel group or chain like Hilton and Premier Inn. Budget hotels offer a no frills service for a fixed low price such as Travel Lodge and Holiday express.

Non-serviced accommodation
Non-serviced accommodation in the UK (also known as self-catering accommodation) includes all rented premises used for holiday purposes, self-catering holiday centres and caravan and camping sites. A lot of holiday makers like this type of accommodation because it gives them the freedom to bring what they like along with them and no set meal times. The market leaders in self-catering accommodation in the UK are Butlins, Haven, Pontins and British Holidays. Self-catering cottages throughout the UK are particular popular with the more wealthy social groups who appreciate the rural locations of many locations of many of the properties and the convenience of booking through one of the many agencies specialising in self-catering accommodation. Examples of self-catering accommodations are Ho seasons, English country cottages and Blake’s. Self-catering on farms is very popular; many farmers have converted their farm house buildings to self-catering lets. Time share is a type of self-catering involving the purchase of time, usually a block of weeks in a holiday property. Most time share developments are found in rural areas of the UK. Camping and caravanning are also excellent choices for those looking for a good value non-serviced accommodation? Touring caravan is also quite popular with particularly the older age groups. Transport

Having good transport networks is essential for a successful travel and tourism sector, whether people are on a business trip, travelling for leisure or visiting friends and relatives. The transport for tourism is divided into road, rail, sea and air. The most common types of transport for road are car, bus, coach, motorbike and taxi. The most common types of transport for rail are train and tram. The most common types of transport for sea are boat, ferry, cruise, barge and yacht. The most common types of transport for sea are scheduled flights aeroplanes, charter flights aeroplanes, low cost aeroplanes private and air taxis...
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