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Your CPD
You can provide evidence of your CPD by completing the following questions.

Part 1 Reflecting back

Q1 What do you consider were the three most important things (planned or unplanned) that you learned last year? Please also briefly describe how they were learned?


Helping to gain buy-in to the new HR model, through developing the roles and responsibilities for the important new HR groups and further advocating the case for the changes. Leading on the development and implementation of the People Plan which has provided the framework for guiding and managing the transition (downsizing, restructuring and reskilling) of the HR function – and aspects of the related changes required of managers and individuals as a result of the changes. Putting in place the foundations for professional development in HR across the MOD’s new HR construct; in particular the strategic elements of corporate and business partners. This has included developing an initial training product for business partners, clarifying the differing groups and skills sets within the HR family and adapting the wider PSG HR standards framework for MOD’s use. Contributing to professional developments in HR across government – and indeed the wider professional scene – for instance through participation in the development of the PSG HR standards, Consortium project on strategic HR, and through contacts with industry and professional/research bodies such as CIPD.



Q2 Please summarise the value you’ve added to your organisation/clients/customers over the last 12 months through your professional development?

Deeper insight into and understanding of potential contribution that HR can make to the business, beyong excellence in shared services Greater enthusiasm and determination that the phase we have reached in our change programme is just that – and that there is much more to achieve. In particular a clearer understanding of where to look next for greater efficiencies in the...
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