Mgt491 Case 1

Topics: Human resources, Management, Human resource management Pages: 2 (850 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Redesign the Human Resource function can be a challenge because of the change that has to take place. There is going to be a process that should be adhered to when performing this transformation. I will be discussing the five steps that need to take place in order for this to go smoothly as possible. These five steps that are going to be discussed are going to get the HR function to work for the size of the company that is being talk about. The first step is going to be assessing the current effectiveness of the current HR function. The second step is going to be customizing the education programs to develop new skills and toolkits. Third step in this process is going to be a new organization design and a role definition for HR. The fourth step is going to view the assessment and development of HR professional competencies, based on the new requirements. Finally, the last step is going to be the redesign of key HR practices and processes. These five steps are going to lay the foundation for a successful redesign of the HR function within the discussed organization. The first step of the redesign of the HR function is the assessment of the current effectiveness of the HR function. Before anything is done, it is important to assess what you have to work with at the time and see where you need to go with the process. By assessing what you have, you can see the good and bad in every area within where the redesign is going to happen. It is also important that you can see what is being effective and what is not being effective. This will allow you make a fair assessment within the organization and make the appropriate changes as needed. The next step is to have a customized education program that will develop new skills and toolkits within the organization. Educating your personnel on new skills is always going to be a positive within the work area. The more they know the more that you will get out of those personnel. They will be knowledgeable on...
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