Chocolate Day Marketing Case

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In 1993, a co-operative called Kuapa Kokoo was set up by a group of cocoa farmers in Ghana. To gain significant knowledge of the Western chocolate market and to expand their business, Kuapa Kokoo farmers voted in 1998, which lead to the forming of The Day Chocolate Company. [1]

The Day Chocolate Company is a unique North-South partnership which brings premium quality fairly-traded chocolate to the mainstream British market. It works with organisations and individuals in the private, public and voluntary sector to raise awareness of fair trade.[2]

Kuapa Kokoo, together with The Body Shop International, Twin Trading and Christian aid formed The Day Chocolate Company in 1998. Since October 2000, Comic Relief is also present at Board-level representation.[3] These stakeholders play a dynamic and ongoing role. With the help of the stakeholders, The Day Chocolate Company obtained credibility, supporter networks and brand equity. They also have significantly contributed to the marketing and distribution roll out.

The Day Chocolate Company is a main actor in fair-trade forums. It is a licensee of the fair-trade Foundation. Furthermore, The Day Chocolate Company is a member of the Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionary Alliance (BCCCA).[4]

Divine was the first chocolate bar launched by The Day Chocolate Company in 1998. Divine is a classic milk chocolate bar. Due to the popularity of this product, it is now stocked in over 4500 outlets. These outlets contain all major supermarkets, wholefood shops, cafes, theatres, museums, churches and cathedrals. The chocolate bar can be bought in two different sizes. The range of Divine is continually expanding. Furthermore, there is Dubble. This product was launched in October 2000. The chocolate bar was designed and developed with input from thousands of children. Research showed that 86 percent of kids would like to buy a fair-trade chocolate bar. [5]

This report will answer the question how Day Chocolate achieved its success, with special focus on marketing. The consumer segment Day Chocolate is aiming at will be defined, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the company. In addition to that, the opportunities and threats created by the general chocolate market will be revealed. Thereafter, the report will consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats together and a piece of advice will be given in relation to the future of Day Chocolate. In what market segments and with which products should they continue? Considering they want to internationalize, where should they go? The report will end with a brief conclusion and a reference list.

Consumer segment

The past five years have shown an increasing number of people worrying about where and by whom their products are produced, and whether the farmers that make their products get a fair price in return. These people are called ‘concerned consumers’. Concerned consumers make an ideal target group for The Day Chocolate Company. In the book of Hollensen (2011) it is stated that an organisation should segment its market while considering several general characteristics of the market as well as specific characteristics. General characteristics are for example language, political factors and economy, whereas specific characteristics are lifestyles, personality and tastes. The Day Chocolate Company was able to achieve its success because it analysed their market very well. When focussing on the consumer segment, it is important to consider the specific characteristics of a market. It was discovered that[6] fair-trade products are most popular by women who are well educated, well-travelled, cultured and young or middle-aged. The values of The Day...
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