Explain Why Csr Is a Key Concern in Managing the Operations of a Large Business? Cadbury

Topics: Chocolate, Social responsibility, Cadbury plc Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Explain why CSR is a key concern in managing the operations of a large business? Cadbury  
Corporate social responsibility is an important concern in managing the operation of a large business, as it integrates financial, social and environmental goals. Cadbury, an internationally well-known chocolate company, is now Fairtrade Certified, becoming easy for the consumers to recognise their products. And with this label, the company is now helping the Third World Producers by guaranteeing a better deal. These include the improvement in their financial, social and environmental performance.  

Being a Fairtrade Certified Company, Cadbury helps make a difference and provide better financial deals for the developing country farmers, producers and their community through the provision of a fair price. And this helps them protect themselves from damaging fluctuations in world market prices. Fairtrade is also the only system that provides farmers and the producers with an additional lump sum of money for investment in social, economic and environmental development. These include, growing their business, investing in their communities by building schools, roads, hospitals etc. So when consumers buy Cadbury dairy milk chocolate, they are not only treating themselves, but at the same time helping improve the lives of Fairtrade farmers and their families in developing countries. This step is very valuable for their business to become known, encouraging customer awareness.  

It is Cadbury Schweppes's aim to help all the Cocoa farmers improve their social standard of living by helping them develop sustainable crops of quality beans. In Ghana, for example, where most of the cocoa is bought, the company supports farming communities through programs on tree crop management and building wells for drinking water. But it is not it, the Fairtrade also provides security to the farmers, provide good working conditions and support in gaining knowledge and skills to operate...
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