Cadbury Pestle

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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What are Cadbury nestle ? (slide one)
Pestle/external analysis of the nestle and Cadbury (definition of a pestle from book) Political
* Taxes could increase which in theory would lead to sales decreasing and profit therefore decreasing but as chocolate is such a small purchase this is unlikely * Government are always pushing for a healthier Briton as obesity is a massive cost on the NHS this would theoretically drive down sales * Food labelling and international trade laws these need to be monitored * Food safety acts in the various countries they trade in * Making sure subsidiaries aren’t underpaying staff or treating them unfairly otherwise scandals and lawsuits could happen similar to Wal-Mart in the US.

* High interest rates would lead to the Company’s not wanting to borrow money which would limit their expansion * If minimum wage was increased then people would have more money to buy the products but they would have to pay their workers more

* Higher trend in snacking increasing sales as people want to eat on the go * Business around the Cadbury factory will benefit from tourism * More people are health conscious and may stay away from very high sugar high calorie products * (talk about salmonella outbreak in the chocolate/selling to kraft) * Articles have been wrote about chocolate funding war in Africa this will have a negative effect on the company (

* New machinery leads to greater efficiency maximising profit * Media these can either be bad or good they make the company more transparent and harder to cover up mistakes but also provide a platform to promote positive things. They reach a mass audience very quickly. * Cost and maintenance of machinery these are the downsides as it can be costly to keep up with technology to keep competitive

* More health and safety for employees...
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