Week 1 Check Point Information System Business Problem Dimensions

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What are the three dimensions to business problems?
People: To have adequate personnel that are skilled and trained in the business is a big factor and challenge, if they are not properly trained then it doesn’t matter how good of a system you have it is not going to work properly if you don’t know how to use it. Technology components: Computer hardware/software, data management, networking and telecommunications,(ex. iPhones, BlackBerrys, cloud, internet, IT infrastructures) all of these components update quickly through the year, you might have the greatest system software or phone when you first get it but not much more than a year later there is going to be a new version or update that will be needed. Organization: ensuring that the company policies, and procedures are up to date and that the personnel are aware is the biggest challenge here because the information systems also depend on these changes.

What is the difference between IT and information systems?
IT is the all of the equipment that connects the company, or individual to the world by the means of software, hardware, computers, handheld devices and many other sources. By using these pieces of equipment or devices it allows the individuals and companies to input their information into the information system and allowing the company to be successful by properly collecting, processing, storing, and distributing information so that they can make the proper decisions to manage the company. An information system is interrelated components that collect (or retrieve), process, store, and distribute information to support decision making, coordinating, and control in an organization. In addition, information systems may also help managers and workers analyze problems, visualize complex subjects, and create new products

Describe some functions of information systems
A good example of the information systems is when UPS ships out merchandise, it gets an order from a company that then creates a...
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