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Save Lives
A female is two months pregnant. She feels she cannot keep the life inside of her womb. Adoption is not an option in her mind. She agrees to take the life of the innocent unborn child. Imagine losing your life before getting the chance to live it. Imagine losing your life before understand the meaning of it. Abortion is a subject that has brought much conflict over the years. Some think abortions are for the better, while some think it is for the worse. Although abortions seem necessary in certain situations, it is not the correct choice. Some believe that abortions may help a female mentally. In some ways, the argument makes sense. Not all lives are conceived in a planned way. “In the case of rape or incest, forcing the women made pregnant by the violent act psychological harm to the victim,” ( Thoughts of the trauma would most likely be caused by the child. The child could trigger unwanted memories for the female. However, no female should ever put themselves in a situation where such trauma would take place. Some think, “No civilized society permits one human to intentionally harm or take the life of another human without punishment, and abortion is no different,” ( No one should have the right to take the life of another. If someone chooses to take a life of an unborn child, consequences should be made. Every life should live to show its value. Others say abortions would save disruption in the female’s life. To some extent this argument is true. It has been said that, “Teenagers who become mothers have grim prospects for the future. They are more likely to leave of school; receive inadequate parental care; rely on assistance to raise a child; develop health problems; or end up divorced,” ( The future of a young mother could be harsh. The...
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