Pro Life Research Essay

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Reproduction Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Abortion should be illegal because in our country, The United States of America one human is not allowed to harm or take the life of another without consequences, Abortion is no different. Abortion is murder. Abortion is punishing the life of an unborn child who has committed no crime. The mother is the one who should be punished. Nationwide 42 million abortions are performed per year. This is 42 million innocent children who never had a chance at life. Killing the life of an innocent child is not the only alternative. Adoption is a wonderful alternative. With adoption you are not only giving life to a child but you are also giving a family the opportunity to care for this child. Many couples have complications with conceiving a child and often turn to adoption as their alternative. With 1.5 million American families wanting to adopt a child, there is no such thing as an unwanted child. With choosing adoption this will give women the mindset of knowing they did the right thing. Leaving no room for regrets. 52% of women under the age of 25 are guilty of having an abortion. Young women getting an abortion do not have enough life experience to fully understand what they are doing. This ends in the result of long life regret. Abortion often causes intense psychological pain and stress. Those at such a young age are too naïve to see that abortion is not a contraceptive. Women need to take responsibility for their actions and not getting rid of their problems. It is simply ending the life of an innocent child for their own Irresponsibility. The child is not the one who should be punished. Not only will choosing abortion lead to psychological pain but it also can increase ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and pelvic inflammatory disease. Abortion is morally wrong in every way. Weather you believe in God or not you are taking away the only chance of life on earth that child had. It is murder. Approximately 69% of women who have had an abortion claim to be...
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