Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

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Knowing Your Audience Paper


June 4, 2012
Quinton Murphy

Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

This paper will discuss in how important it’s to know your audience. When having to communicate a disaster like the Chilean copper mine that occur in South America it’s one example of where knowing your audience was a very important issue.

This disaster in the Chilean copper mine, a disastrous downfall in one of the shafts of the mine has left 33 miners trapped 310 meters below the ground. The outcomes of the company and their reaction to the disaster would eventually define how the world, their audience, would see them. It turns out to be very crucial that the spokesperson of the company who issues updates and information to the public is careful and sensitive to the families.

The audience the company would be reporting to would be made up of the news correspondence, the victim’s families, and the media. Not only would the company spokesperson have to keep the reputation and point of view of the mining company in one piece, they would have to issue specific and straightforward information that would not always be in the greatest interest of the company’s position.

All though in the beginning the company may not have a great extent of information, it’s necessary for them to inform the families with as much information as soon as possible. This would consist of any information as to what is taking place in the mine while the miners are still trapped.

When communicating we need to have some emotion and sympathy than just the facts of what is going on inside the mine. With all the families wanting to be inform that everything is okay and everyone is doing his or her best to get the situation under control. When speaking to any type of media they are concerned only about the facts. They do not care about emotions or sympathy of the friends or...
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