Knowing Your Audience

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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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Knowing Your Audience

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Knowing Your Audience

On August 5, 2010, in Chile there was a cave-in in a little copper mine that trapped thirty-three miners three hundred meters underground with limited food, water, and oxygen. No one knew for certain whether or not the miners had survived the cave-in and if they had if they would survive long enough to be rescued. Four days after the cave-in, with rescue crews working around the clock, it was still unknown whether or not anyone had survived. There were no previous incidents in which miners had survived underground for an extended period of time according to Yang, 2010. Fortunately, to everyone’s amazement all of the miners made it out alive and this horrible incident went down in history without claiming a single life.

Not a single person ever actually knows how a situation like this is going to turn out until it happens. The company that the miners work for has to inform the families that their loved ones are trapped underground. They also have to inform their workers as to what has occurred and what is going on. There is preparation for these situations, but even if drills are practiced over and over there is nothing that can truly prepare a person for an event like this. Communication in a situation like this has to be done very carefully and the audience has to be considered. The people communicating the message have to remember that these are loved ones, friends, and co-workers that are receiving this message so they have to take great care with the use of body language and wording not to convey the wrong message in stressful time such as this. Communication in an event like this has should convey a few possible scenarios and let loved ones know what if anything they can do to help. Communication to employees should inform employees of the current situation.

A lot of thought needs to go into messages that are to be sent to relatives of the workers that have...
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