Bcom 275 Knowing Your Audience

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Knowing Your Audience
Kyndall Scribner
Sandra Norris

Knowing your audience is a key factor when communicating. When delivering a message one needs to consider the role of the audience receiving the message. Family members, friends, and co-workers need to be aware of the situation. We need to take into consideration who we are going to be speaking to and their ages. This message needs to be delivered sensitively and with care. We need to consider their emotions and feelings, but include information and facts.

When presenting this message about the incident to the families it would be best to do it face-to-face. Hopefully, this would show that the company cares about its workers and their families. The families would need emotional support and someone to talk to I imagine. I would make sure that there was a grief counselor on site to help the families through this hard time. It would be best to keep others out of the loop and give the family the respect they deserve. Often when delivering this kind of message others may want to know and it often causes loved ones to become upset or angered. We want to keep this situation as calm as we can due to the circumstances.

When presenting this message to the company’s employees I believe it would be best to call a formal face-to-face meeting. I would also put together some sort of letter or memo for the employees. In the meeting I would discuss the evacuation or rescue process, so that they know what is to happen. I would then explain to them what is going to take place after the evacuation process has been completed. I would ensure them that their families have been made aware of the ongoing situation. This should show that the company cares about its employees as well as their families. I would offer or provide counseling to those who may need or want it.

Before this message is delivered I would make sure that our information and facts are correct. It is important that our information is...
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