Divine Roles Across Cultures Matrix

Topics: Communication, Occupational safety and health, Message Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release
Luis R. Molina-Rodriguez
BCOM 285
November 21, 2012
University of Phoenix

Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release

To know your audience is a must or major component of communication of any kind. When you know the proper type of communication to be use and the proper information to be included in your message, will ensure that the audience will understand the message being delivered. Knowing your audience will ensure that the message is delivered appropriately and that the audience completely understands the message without any misunderstandings or confusion. In the event of a disaster or other emergency, knowing the audience that you will be delivering this message to is extremely vital and important. The communications that went out to the public and families of the Chilean miners of the copper mine collapse in South America will reflect the importance of knowing your audience in this essay. On August 5, 2010, a small copper mine in northern Chile collapsed trapping inside of it 33 miners. The 33miners were trapped 300 meters below ground with very little food, oxygen and water. News of the collapse spread around the world and many feared that the miners would all perish before being rescued. The world held a collective breath when after seventeen days of drilling contact was made and all 33 miners appeared to have survived the ordeal. Initially the miners were told that it would take up to four months to pull them up to the surface (Guardian.co.uk, 2010). A total of 69 days after the collapse, the first miner was pulled up byes specifically designed steel capsule. One by one each of the 33 miners were rescued to safety. Chilean President Sebastian Pin era stated that he would launch an extensive investigation into the incident. When the miners were asked how they survived such an ordeal, they stated that they each ate about two teaspoons of tuna and one biscuit/cracker along with a...
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