Child, Family and Community

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Instructor: M. Ysais
Student: Dinora Chavez
Activity: This all infant/toddler based
CD 11

1.We build a sense of trust between the families, by being friendly, showing interest, asking questions, sharing information. For the relationship between the families and childcare worker, we need to share information in a clear, and respectful, and helpful way. Most parents want to know how things are going for their child. They will look for us for that information. We also build a sense of trust with the families, by being dependable, reliable, punctual, communication, showing respect, empathy, and good judgment in our planning suggestions for activities with kids. Also very important never talk bad about other families that we have worked with. We could give not a respectful or not professional impression.

2. We facilitate the bond of trust, between the families and the child by helping parents to understand that two of their principal responsibilities, as a parent are to comfort their child, and to facilitate their child’s exploration of the world. Moreover, knowing how to tailor the responsibility, to the situation and according to the needs of the child is central to supportive parenting. We can also help parent to understand, typical child development. Providing parents with verbal and written information about developmental milestones, and typical child development can help parents be more in tune with their children. Helping parents reflect on their own parenting strengths and challenges. Some parents have more difficulty comforting, others letting go. Helping the parent see how important they are to their child, helping increase the parents empathy for their child and suggesting new parenting strategies such as daily special play times, when the child has the parent to himself.

3. Trust is built over time, based on sustained interactions between the parties in question. Trust is an individual’s or group’s willingness to be...
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