Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Crime, Childhood Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: March 30, 2013
NGOs :
* (Teach the parents proper parenting skills) Educate parents and caregivers on proper parenting skills and ways to deal with children in a way so they themselves do not become abusers. They can teach parents and caregivers ways to discipline there children without physically or emotionally abusing them. At the same time, they also can provide basic information and techniques to parents and caregivers about human needs for love and care and how to show them to their children. They can show parents and caregivers ways to concentrate on empowering the personality of their children by the way they communicate to them. * (Give emotional support) Provide help, especially emotional help, for parents under stresses or parents having hard times or even single parents. They could help caregivers with tools of anger management and how to deal with stresses. On top of that , the NGOs can teach couples, parents and caregivers problem solving skills and how to have their feelings under control and how to constructively express there emotions and feelings in a positive constrictive way. * (Motivation talk for children and teenagers) Work on teaching children life skills and ways to increase their self confidence and self esteem. Teaching children and youths to appreciate differences and to see their own strengths and believe in themselves is an issue that NGO’s can work towards. Government :

* (Job training) Providing youth with necessary skills to engage in meaningful employment is essential to reducing youth crime. Federal programs, such as YouthBuild, have provided 43 states and over 6,000 youth the opportunity to engage in gainful employment. Through such community programs, youth are not only given the chance to work but also to get an education. Mentorship, counseling and participation in community service are other benefits of these programs. By having a strong social support network and engaging in meaningful activities, youth are able to avoid...
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