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Alhamdulillah, finally I succeed to finish my report due to the dateline. To finish this report, I’ve facing a slightly problem but I manage to deal with it.
First of all, I would like to say a high present’s gratitude to God for my sole being and made me able to learn new things everyday, and without His will, I wouldn’t do what I am doing today and getting chance to learn. I also would like to thank my lecturer because give me chance to become chef of the day. I also would like to say thank you to all my friends because they gave me 100% co-operation when they were working with me. Otherwise, they also gave me a lot of important information for my report. Without their information my report will become incomplete. Also I would like to thank to my parents for their non-stop moral support.

Without this entire people, it would have been an impossible for me to even start or finish my COD report. For the second time I would to say thank you to all of you because always support me. God bless you.

My name is Syed Hasif B. Syed Mohamad Khairizam, a diploma student in Hotel Management (DHM110) in semester July – November 2009 and I am in group DH3A1. Our lecturer for HTC206 is Chef Abdul Rahman B. Ahmad Rozali, and our class was held in Comm kitchen. Chef Mohd Azli Bin Razali is our lecturer in Pastry kitchen. I was the chef of the day (C.O.D) for the pass Tuesday session at 13th October 2009. Below is my report for the day of the operation.

Chef:Chef Abdul Rahman B. Ahmad Rozali
Sous Chef:Syed Hasif B. Syed Mohamad Khairizam
Chefs de Partie –
❖ Saucier:Nur Nabila Bt. Mustaffa
:Ahmad Farhan B. Mohamed
❖ Entremetier:Nurul Amira Bt. Suhaimi
: Syed Hasif B. Syed Mohamad Khairizam ❖ Rotisseur: Ahmad Kamarulnizam B. Ahmad Kamarulzama :Dg. Norhayatul Akma Bt. Datu Mohd Kamalun ❖ Patissier:Nurul Atika Bt. Adham

:Fairuz Bt. Syukur.



3.0 MENU

Type of menu for that week was Modified French Service which consists of four courses menu. Appetizer, soup, main course, and dessert. For the appetizer, we prepare the ingredient for salad tossing. For the soup, we put in the soup tureen for waiters to serve by themselves. For the main course, our menu is chicken and pompret. The entire menu including starches and vegetables were plated in silver plates. Lastly, for desserts, they all plated during serving class.


Our kitchen was started at 4.00 pm. But, we managed to finish our tasks by 9.30 pm. First, I had already prepared the menu and the method for the entire recipe to all my staff, so that my staff was ready to prepare it. I started with a briefing and ask to my staff if they not understand the method for their menu. I also make sure that all the ingredients and the main item is enough for 20 pax. I already manage the job for cleaning when the kitchen closing.

4.00 pm - 4.15 pm
- Briefing from Chef of The Day (COD)

4.15 pm - 5.30 pm
- Staff preparing mise-en-place

5.30 pm - 7.30 pm
- Staff prepares the food

7.30 pm - 8.30pm
- Staff starts plating the food

8.45 pm - 9.15 pm
-staff clean and close the kitchen

9.15 – 9.30 pm
- Final briefing from chef of the day

There was 8 staff in our kitchen. All of them are already given their own task. The C.O.D has to manage their staff. The job allocation can be reviewed as follow:

➢ AppetizerAmira and Syed

➢ SoupFarhan

➢ Main Course:

o ChickenNizam

o StarchAkma

o VegetablesSyed

o Sauce Nabila

o Pompret-Nizam

➢ DessertFairuz and Atika


After the mice-en-place was done, and the food was...
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