Characteriistics of an Effective Teacher

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Discuss the characteristics of an effective primary school teacher with reference to accredited sources and appropriate literature.

There are a number of characteristics that makeup an effective primary school teacher. An effective primary school teacher shows pupil the respect that they deserve, is a person that you can talk to, fun and makes coming to school everyday a pleasure. Walker (2008) states that “An effective teacher is defined as a teacher who was the most successful in helping students to learn. The characteristics are the special personal qualities of the teacher that enabled them to become a successful educator.”

A teacher must build a strong relationship with their pupils. As this gives the pupils the confidence to disclose matters which may be troubling them. They feel it is fine to tell this teacher who they trust as trust plays a big role in relationships. The relationship also helps the teacher to gain more respect out of the children. Walker (2008) states that “If teachers are to properly educate children they must first build up a relationship." With having built up a relationship with their pupils teachers are able to teach their pupils much easier compared to having built up no relationship. Teachers are able to make the lessons more personal.

A teacher must show respect to the pupils in order to gain respect from them. In order for teachers to be respected they first need to show their pupils respect, as respect has to be earned. “Students want to be listened to and respected as human beings with wants, desires, fears, and emotions.” Valenzuela (1999) In the film “To Sir with Love” The teacher Mr Mark Thackeray’s pupils do not show him any respect. He however shows them respect by calling the girls Miss and then their surname and the boys are to be addressed by their surnames. And treats them like adults in turn they show him the respect he deserves, not because he is a teacher but he is a teacher who is showing them...
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