What Makes a Good Teacher

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  • Published : November 5, 2011
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What Makes a Good Teacher

There are many qualities which makes a good teacher. A good teacher can be defined as someone who always pushes students to want to do their best while at the same time trying to make learning interesting as well as creative. Teachers are responsible for helping to shape the lives of young, impressionable children. A good teacher always tries to give confidence to his or her students and encourages them. However, if a teacher has respect, enthusiasm and love for both the students and their subject then the teacher may be considered a good teacher. Like others, I, too, have some qualities that I think would make a good teacher. Such as, a sense of humor, passion for their job, and love and respect.

First, If students love their teacher and the teachers enjoys their students, students will want to work hard for their teacher. It is common that studying is a painful experience we all have to go through, a painful boring experience. However, if the teacher can stir studying into life, with their humor, then it might not be as boring. Everybody enjoys fun, laughter and new things. A teacher needs to explores different ways of teaching, to be able to think out of the box. By using their sense of humor and imagination, teachers can show their fun side to the students and therefore bring out a more comfortable and relaxing teaching environments. Having a sense of humor can really bond teacher to their students.

Next, if a teacher has no passion for their job, then teachers will not devote their utmost attention into it. A teacher should not teach for salary, but should be responsible for the students they are teaching. If the teachers has no devotion to the subject, then the students are more likely to depend more on themselves and not experience all the fun in learning. A teacher should have vast knowledge of their subject, therefore the students will be able to receive a generous amount of information which will be...
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