Goals and Plan for Improvement

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Goals and Plan for Improvement
Li Fengwei
Tennessee Temple University
Dr Marla Smithson
EDUC 5063A Principles of Effective Teaching
August 18th, 2012

• Summery
Reflecting on My Current Performance
Assessing Qualities Associated with the Teacher as a Person • Content Knowledge
• Social Interactions with Students

Goals and Plan for Improvement
Reflecting on My Current Performance (P49):
The qualities of the teacher as a person demonstrate the criteria of being an effective teacher. It clearly shows that as an effective teacher what he should possess and what needs to be improved. As caring, fairness and respect, attitude toward teaching, interactions with students, enthusiasm and motivation and reflective practice, teachers can use these qualities to gauging themselves. Through the completion of the first chart, my performance of teaching is just being rated by these descriptors. It is obvious that the qualities of caring, attitude toward teaching and enthusiasm and motivation are distributed into the column of Master. The qualities of fairness and respect are distributed into Professional. The quality of reflective practice is in Apprentice. There is no problem that caring of students. It is definitely certain that caring students is a necessary quality of being an effective teacher. Caring students is not only the part of the teaching job, but also is the life of teachers. My students are cared by me. Caring students is loving student in my opinion. Students can feel love from my caring. A better listening skill is being possessed by my nature. Willing to listen students’ stories, events and problems determines that I care about students’ personal lives academically and personally. Being patient to students makes them feel comfortable and safe so that they want to share problems with me. Encouraging students helps them to have confidence to achieve their goals and also it helps to build a good relationship between me and them. Teachers’ attitudes about profession mostly will affect the school academic climate (Handbook for Qualities of Effective Teachers, Stronge H.J. & Tucker D. P. & Hindman L. J. Copyright 2004). A positive attitude of teaching and a desire of being prudent teaching may influence students’ learning habits. As a science and language teacher, it is very important to be assiduous and diligent for my preparation and every question I have. How to convey a clear and professional knowledge to students has become a priority in my teaching. It is always a high expectation I have for my students. An effective teacher should possess the endless enthusiasm and motivation about teaching. If it could be said that a positive attitude toward teaching is the foundation for teachers, the endless enthusiasm and motivation are the spirits of teachers. It will give a vivid life to your teaching and class’ environment. Students can be easily affected by your enthusiasm and your motivation. The enthusiasm and motivation of learning from students can be generated by your inspiration. It is so joyful that I’m teaching with enthusiasm and motivation. Fairness and respect aren’t easy to be done by teachers under any circumstances. Respecting students is the responsibility of teachers. My students love me so much, because they can be respected by me. However, to be treated fairly to every student under different circumstances still needs to be considered as an improving task for me. Sometimes it requires more experiences as being an effective teacher. It is the same situation that as Miss Barbara experiences in the book. The quality of Interactions with students needs to be improved a little according to my situation. It is ideal for me to interact with students during the class and working...
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