Change Management Showtime Arabia Case Study

Topics: Organizational structure, Management, Mass media Pages: 6 (2053 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Showtime Arabia is the largest pay television company in the Middle East (Arab) world, located in Dubai. Showtime Arabia is the premier subscription television service in the Middle East, North Africa and the Levant Territories where it is held between KIPCO with (79% stake) and CBS Corporation at (21% stake). External factors such as free-to-air television of the MBC group channels in 2007, pose more of a threat in the future due to the fast-changing nature of the industry so in regards to the market growth of the network itself. Contributing towards the external factors are the networks who “copycat” the Showtime Arabia network is a large threat where if Showtime Arabia develops something new, the network frequently sees its competitors doing the same thing one week later. While the force of retrenchment and downsizing of the company had been implemented amongst Showtime Arabia network; due to the competitive nature of television industry, had shown success a lot of the previous workers had been redeployed to other roles. Showtime Arabia's culture is known as a system of shared values, assumptions, beliefs and the transformation in which employees are engaged for the meeting of challenges to reach the organizational demands. The OD manager introduced a new reward system and a recognition policy which the underlying cause of this is promote more empowerment amongst employees but also to recognize the employee’s individual performance.

PESTEL analysis of the media Industry
Over the past few years, the media industry has had an influx in political interest because of the acknowledgment of the media industries economic importance to the overall economic growth for the country. Economic 

Within the past few years the media industry has observed an improvement in growth amongst the industry, this is attributable to Dubai’s positive economic growth and the improved competition in other sectors also boosts the media’s industry, such as promotion. Social aspect

The impact of intense media attention has brought about a more uprising in the social aspect and created a society which is more rational and which appreciates the industry itself. Even though the Dubai people are known to be traditional and old-fashioned their attitudes towards the media industry are very optimistic. Technological advances

Modern information technological advancement in media is making the industry players adapt faster to the new environments they are participating in. The technological advancement calls for increased spending and research so in order to be innovative and different in the televising industry.  Legal environment

The media industry in Dubai is highly regulated as such, but there are laws and regulations which are enforced for the industry to comply with. In the recent years the government has become to reduce the amount of the laws so in order to not hinder competition in the face of increasing global challenges from the outside markets. Body

In market growth, uncertain future has significantly been considered as the unpredictable factors that the organization is going to face in the future. Observing external environment by using the PESTE analysis method, Showtime Arabia is on the resistance stage in which the force of changing occurred in its company structure. The increasingly competitive environment for business has influenced the outcome result in achieving objectives. This is evidently identified through the point of the fast cloning ideas and design in network and services from other competitors "if ShowTime Arabia develops something new, the “company frequently found its competitors doing the same thing one a week later!". Once Showtime Arabia saw that all this replicated network shows they decided to restructure its company, on its Employee’s performance and process which had proceeded to be formed. In addition, the retrenchment shaped that the CEO in the new management team operated...
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