Change Management for Healthcare

Topics: Communication, Following, New Vision Pages: 6 (1603 words) Published: November 1, 2010
My organization will be making a major shift in its organizational structure resulting from being acquired by a much larger corporation. This change will affect numerous stakeholders: clinical and administrative staff, patients, and the local community. The change is a result of the landscape change in the healthcare industry. There are many steps that the organization could take to execute the change. My thesis is that in order to be successful and achieve the desired result, change management must follow a systemic and methodical process. I will walk through the implementation of the change prior to, during, and after the acquisition according to the change implementation framework created by John P. Kotter. It’s hard finding anyone who doesn’t know that healthcare reform has been passed. However it is difficult to identify individuals that understand the true extent of what will be required to survive with the new regulation. In 2006, the median growth in hospital expenses outpaced revenue growth, and according to a recent report issued by Moody’s Investors Service, this trend continued through 2008. The political, social, and economic aspects of healthcare reform make any change at a national and/or local level a challenge as many pitfalls are available and will be emotionally charged. My organization is being proactive and making changes in advance of the changes in legislature. We have found that in order to control costs and ensure viability as an ongoing concern it would be beneficial to be acquired by a larger organization. However, along with this change and its positives it is being accompanied by apprehension from some of the stakeholders. Establish a sense of urgency

My organization is a small specialty hospital. Competition is increasing because other hospitals are able to offer the same product lines at a lower cost with greater volume. Our hospital has a renowned clinical staff and in order to continue to grow and succeed at our mission: Heart Hospital of Austin, in partnering with our physicians and associates, is committed to enhancing the quality of health for our patients and their families by providing the highest personal service and delivering technologically advanced cardiovascular care through a compassionate, patient-focused approach. It is now beneficial for us to join a larger organization that has best practices and economies of scale to strengthen our bottom line. Better processes and overall financial strength will affect the following stakeholders in the following way: 1.Clinical Staff – The change will allow our facility to put resources to use in the hospital to conduct research, education, and spawn innovation. Our clinical staff will appreciate the new clinical resources and will be able to utilize the latest technology to treat our patients. 2. Administrative Staff – The change will provide resources and best practices that will contribute to the overall management of the facility. Resources can be used to hire the best and brightest clinical staff. The additional resources will be deployed to update the facilities and provide investment in back-office technology to reduce long term costs. 3.Patients – The change will also allow the hospital to remain an ongoing concern. This makes the hospital available to patients with the latest and most effective science and treatments. 4.Local Community – The change will provide financial stability of the hospital and allow the facility to provide free outreach events to educate the community on health issues. Additional resources will allow the facility to provide charity work to qualifying individuals in the community without jeopardizing the financial viability of the hospital.

These aforementioned benefits from being acquired must be communicated to their respective stakeholders. It should also be stated that the alternative is possibly that the hospital will become obsolete technically and clinically. This...
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