Cell Phone Technology

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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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Cell Phone Technology

The cell phone technology that is ever changing by the day was scientifically invented and born back in the early 1980’s. Science was the main key to the birth of the cell phone which was put together by the Motorola Company who today is still making cell phones. Before the cell phone came out the car phone was the first mobile phone which were very large and had to be hooked up to a briefcase which supplied the power for the mobile phone. Science was the utilized to create the cell phone and today the use of cell phones has brought literature to the palm of our hands.

With science as the foundation to the birth of the cell phone technology age has not only brought the birth but has also brought new births of other new technologies. The cell phone is basically a radio and the invention of the cell phone traces back all the way to the radio. As we all know Alexander Bell back in 1876 invented the telephone and shortly after that the radio was invented around 1880 by Nikolia Telsa. Now with science and technology these two were combined to create what we call the cell phone or cellular phone. (How stuff works) With science came the cell phone and with continued scientifically research the years bring more technology to the cell phone that would change the world.

Professors, cell phone companies, and others use the art and knowledge of past use science to keep building on top of the birth of the cell phone. Scientist and researchers around the world see a successful future in the cell phone industry and jumps on the opportunity that will be one of the fastest growing industries of today. Just after the invention of the cell phone researches begin to work on a smaller and more efficient cell phone as the first one is very inefficient as it requires a large power supply to run the phone. It was impossible to carry around as it only could be used in automobiles due to the large power supply. Not only the power supply was large the actual...
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