History of the Cell Phone.

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The History of The Cell Phone

The history of the cell phone, I chose the cell phone because it has amazed the most out of all the inventions created in the world. The reason is that a cell phone can send a message or call in the matter of seconds wherever you are. Before I don’t know how the use to send letters, it would take way to long I would be frustrated waiting for a response. When The people form the 1930 use to put a letter on the leg of pigeon and if you were trying to tell that person you send the letter to a very important message and never got there. Then people got sick and tired of waiting and wanted to change the world and be different. In addition, the Cell Phone is what I chose to be the most impressive technological device to me. In this way the cell phone is what has amazed me the most and how advanced it went from the first cell phone to the latest one.

A man that could not take it anymore and wanted to change the world was Martin Cooper. The day of April 3 1973 Cooper made the first official call. He was walking down the streets of New York City where an interviewer was in shock when he saw Martin Cooper walking and talking on a phone. Then Through out the years, the other inventors thought they could add on to the cell phone. They made it smaller, lighter or even easier to work. The inventors did the accomplished it over the years and made it that you would never know that the first phone was the idea of this new phones.

A big jump over 30 years later a man by the name of Steve Jobs was the man who created the Iphone. The most impressive discovery to me by far, they went from a block that weighted over 4 pounds to a cell phone that weighs 4.8 ounces. Apple went to the limit to add a camera, video camera and even a music player. The first Cell Phone to the Newer Phones went from touching rubber buttons that sometimes broke off to a touch screen. The cell phone of Martin Cooper could only...
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