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Topics: Wireless, Radio-frequency identification, RFID Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: March 19, 2009

QUE.1 What is the business values of wireless technologies in the chemicals and automotive manufacturing industries? What other manufacturing applications might benefit from wireless technologies? Why? Ans: Some of the benefits which chemicals and automotive manufacturing industries can have by using wireless technologies. 1. Wireless technologies can save time if there is some fault in the chemical plant than by using Pocket PC’s workers can save their time. 2. By connecting the plant by wireless technologies as LAN employees can have all the data related to the production. 3. In marketing jobs it is easy for employees to have contact with their managers.

4. Companies can better manage their costs by using wireless technology to its fullest.

5. Wireless technologies can increases productivity also.

6. By using wireless technologies in a industry drivers can wirelessly collect and transmit data from the factory or warehouse floor.

7. In automotive manufacturing industries by using forklift operators can also receive work instructions and updates without leaving their vehicles.

8. In retail sector by using RFID technology we can have more information about the product than a bar code.

QUE.2 What are some of the business benefits of wireless technologies in finance and investments? What other applications would you recommend? Why? Fidelity.com

Ans: There are some of the benefit of wireless technology that a finance and investment can use . 1.

QUE.3 What are some of the business benefits and challenges of using wireless technologies in retailing ?What are some other applications that might be beneficial to consumers as well as retailers? Why? Ans: There are some benefits of using wireless technology in retailing. 1. By using wireless technology we can improve inventory accuracy, fight, fraud, and increase sales. 2. RFID (radio frequency identification)...
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