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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes
University of Phoenix

Management of a Dirt Bike company is worried about how much money is spent on communication with people within and on the outside of the company. They are obtaining information on how to provide the industry with global economy. I will provide the information on how to use internet tools and technology to improve the communication and gathering of information to be more efficient and to help save money. For the organization to be able to communicate and gather information with efficiency I’ll evaluate the problems with Dirt Bikes and I’ll provide a solution on the type of internet tools and different technologies that will benefit the workers and business. With Intranet systems being one of the topics that is discussions. There are two more tools that I will discuss with the company and will benefit the company to use. Wireless technology is one of the topics of discussion and how it would impact this company. Comparisons that will show the cost between wired networks versus wireless networks and will be available for review by management’s. The chart will reveals that wireless networks are cheaper to install compared to networks that are wired systems.

The evaluations of the Dirt Bikes organization recommendations that I have chosen to help resolve the problems of the organization are: The organization has already provided access to the Internet to their employees that utilize the companies computers, the benefits that a networks that are private is the same as internet connectivity standards, infrastructure (Network), and the software that already exist. Software that is needed which is already developed for the use of it on the W.W.W (World Wide Web). Laudon and Laudon state that the Internet is the world’s largest and most widely used network. The Internet is a global “network of networks” that uses universal standards to connect millions of different...
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