Bis 220 Week 3 Questions

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Week 3 Discussion Questions

How has wireless media affected telecommunications? What are some of the challenges to developing a system of communications based on wireless media? Since wireless media emerged, telecommunications became charged with the use of fiber optics, electronics, and the Internet. With the advancement of wireless media telecommunications we now have the ability to send messages to one another. A major challenge to developing a system of communications based on wireless media is the security. Increasingly, companies and individuals are using wireless technology for important communications they want to keep private, such as mobile e-commerce transactions, email, and corporate data transmissions. As these wireless technologies grow, and store valuable information, hackers start stepping up their attacks on these new technologies. It is challenging to implement security in small-footprint devices with low processing power and small memory capacities and that use unreliable, low-bandwidth wireless networks.

In what ways have smart phones that incorporate wireless technologies changed the business landscape? Smart phones that incorporate wireless technologies have changed the business landscape in many ways. With smart phones we now have the ability to check and respond to important emails or calls when not in the office or workplace. Most businesses now require their corporate workers, managers, and supervisors to carry smart phones or mobile devices at all times. Businesses are now relying on mobile technology to communicate with employees and consumers. Many banks as well as credit card companies have simplified using their cards/branches by offering mobile applications, which also provides a means of advertising for these companies as well. Many universities are now offering free apps for students to use. The apps allow the students to access their classes, library, course information, student accounts, as well as submit...
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