Case Study of Whole Foods

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Whole Foods divides the employees into teams, which are grouped by departments. Every team goal is to ensure the daily operations are run professional and profitable. The store has several different departments like Seafood, produce, specialty, bakery, customer service, floral, meat, prepared food and grocery. Based on the information provided these are the job title:

Job A - Customer Service Clerk
Job B - Customer Service Cashier
Job C - Prepared Food Leader
Job D - Prepared Foods Night Shift Supervisor
Job E - Utility Worker Dishwasher
Job F – Grocery Team Supervisor
Job G - Prepared Foods Associate Team Leader
Job H - Associate Store Team Leader
Job I - Grocery Store Team Member

I.Evaluation of Jobs and Job structure

Job A.
This job requires the person to provide excellent customer service, and comply with all applicable health and sanitation procedure as well to prepare food and other items as assigned. Other job requirements are, some deli experience, ability to work with others, and good communicator. The job requires performing other duties and following supervisor request in a timely manner. Job Title: Customer Service Clerk

Job B.
This job requires the person to assist and focus on customer during checkout process. The main responsibility is to perform all cash register functions according with establish procedure and to identify and learn new produce code. The main requirement for this person is to have excellent communication skills for good customer and team relation and team player. Job Title: Customer Service Cashier

Job C.
This job requires the person to provide management and supervision of the Prepared Foods Department, and responsible for team member hiring, development, and terminations. Also is necessary to manage inventory to achieve target gross profit margins and to provide accurate, complete information in the management reports. The requirements for this person are to have two...
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