Village Volvo

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Case study Village Volvo

1.Describe Village Volvo’s Service Package

Supporting Facility

1. Location
Suburban location –problem: when customer bring and leave their car for reparation, they might have problems to get back to town.

2. Interior decoration
Waiting room is equipped with a TV, comfortable chairs

3. Supporting equipment?
Not specified

4. Architectural appropriateness?
New butler building (prefabricated metal structure) four work bays, an office, waiting area and storage room

5. Facility layout
-waiting areas provided mainly used for customer who come for a quick, routine jobs etc

Facilitating goods

Excellent care of customers’ unique requirements

Variety of services all around Volvo cars
In addition Village Volvo offers quick, routine services such as tune-ups and oil changes


1. Accurate
Maintaining a continuing file on each vehicle it service (Custom Care Vehicle dossier-CCVD

-owners are considering use of the CCVD as way of reminding customers that routine maintenance procedures may be due

CCVD can help the mechanic to diagnose problems and also provides a convenient record for warranty service for an earlier repair

Explicit Service
1.Training of service personnel
The owners provide 22 combined years of the training and experience with the local Volvo dealer Respected reputation

Village Volvo offers any repair service on Volvo car
For other requirements, they are well connected with other service firms where they can refer their clients to

Days available a week is not specified

Hours : (apparently from 7am – 6pm)

Implicit service

1.Attitude of service
Friendly, skilled, willing to explain the matter to customer and inform him/her about any other steps necessary whilst reparation No steps are done without the customer’s exclusive instance The car is kept clean and the inside is vacuumed

Discussion with the customer about the problems and repairs is believed to be more important than getting started without knowing what has to be done


With TV set, comfortable chairs, coffee, a soft drink vending machine, magazines, and the local newspaper 4.Convenience
Use of appointments as well as specific times each week when clients may drive in for quick, routine service

5.Sense of well-being?
6.Privacy and security?

2. How are the distinctive characteristics of a service firm illustrated by Village Volvo?

Customer Participation
-Customer is involved-has to inform the mechanic about problems she/he has noticed -participate in test drive with mechanic in order to identify the problem -the matter and following intervention are explained to customer -customer is in constant contact with mechanic in order to confirm further intervention that has to be made -has to pick up the car after reparation

As any other service provider Volvo village has limited service capacity

Especially with its extended personal customer care village volvo won’t be able to take all orders in busy periods

However the service quality is measured by its extending customer care as well as interaction with the customer in all matters concerning the reparation

Village Volvo’s mechanics stop working repairing cars between 7-8am and 5-6pm The busiest time a day is only used for customer contacts
The remaining time is reasonable used for repairs
good and efficient management of time /getting as much orders in the peak time and complete the work in the off-peak time

in addition village Volvo has set aside drop-in times (3-5pm Wednesdays and 8-10am Thursdays) it would make sense if those times are off-peak times as well (customer who really need to tune-ups and oil change will arrange within the time frame


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